Why Advertise on the CBN Network

Advertising with CBN is a great investment - we are the premier way of earning Bitcoin online!

We have a growing amount of applications, and you can be sure each of our members are bitcoin MAD!

Buying advertising directly through us means you pay for:

  • Daily unique clicks of your advert
  • Guarenteed viewing of your advert
  • BOT protection

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Advert Costs

We only charge PER click for adverts - allowing you to get unlimited views per advert until the advert has zero credits remaining.

Cost per credit is:

500 Satoshi

Per Credit

~$ 0.020

Per Credit

Cost comparison to other major advert networks:

Google Adverts From $0.04 per click
A-ads From $0.05 per click
Mellow Ads From $0.09 per click
CBN – The best traffic you'll ever use. Lets Get Started