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Posted by Jake on 31 May, 2018

We are delighted to announce we are almost ready to show off our new Advertising Platform to the world, and we would love to give YOU early access to our new systems.

Our new advertising platform is packed full of features - here are our favourite features:

MASSIVE referral system!
We have re-thought out our referral system, allowing you to have an unlimited amount of referrals. We offer two levels of referrals - meaning you not only earn from your referrals, but from your referrals referrals! Crazy! 🤑. The current payout structure is:

Level 1 Referrals: 20% of all payments made into the system
Level 2 Referrals: 5% of all payments made into the system

INSTANTLY advertise, get INSTANT results
With our new advert templates, choose from several of the best referral programs online, such as and and get your referral code in front of users instantly. No waiting around for us to manually test and approve your advert - instead you get incredible INSTANT results.

We only charge for CLICKS
We have listened to our major advertisers and have decided that users should only pay for valid clicks. All views are completely free - allowing you to maximize your advertising budgets!

Benefit from our fraud protection!
We spend mega-bucks making sure frauduent users get found quickly - meaning we will not waste your advertising budget. Only pay for valid clicks - not for bots who do not buy anything.

We are currently testing with our major advertising partners at the moment - but we are looking at opening BETA access to you in the next 2 weeks. If you wish to have early access to this system (which is completely seperate from CBN - if you do not have an account, you can still earn from our affilate programe) please fill out the form below. We'll only email you with info about this new system!

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