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We've been running since February 12th 2017 (thats nearly 2 years!) and over the course of that, we've grown from a few thousand members to over a million. With that comes a lot of challenges, such as building a system that can handle upto 100,000 users playing our apps day to day - and upto 500,000 users playing our apps during a #CrazyTime. We've been slowly building and building - but a few months ago we decided that we should stop building onto our old systems, and start again. This is where Version 5 of the ClaimBitcoinNetwork was born!

Version 5 will appear to be quite simular to the rest of the versions for our users - but it gives us a lot more tools to help you earn Cryptocurrency going forwards. Some of the biggest changes are:

  • We've listened to our support team and moved the games to the dashboard - they are the focal point!
  • We can update all text on the app very quickly, allowing us to notify you of problems in real time!
  • The games should appear much slicker thanks to a new framework supplied by Google
  • We've moved onto the Google Platform for some of our mission critical servers!

By far the biggest change however is the move from managing your account on the apps, to managing your account on the new CBN Online platform. This platform enables us to very quickly give our users new features and more ways to earn - rather than relying on bringing these changes across an app platform. Some of these cool new features are:

  • Create referral links and give them out to new users - there are no limits to how many users you can refer now!
  • Manage all of your referrals
  • Buy adverts and pay only for clicks - we are the cheapest way to get your ads and referral links out to a LOT of users quickly!
  • Play our HiLo games and use our online faucet (coming soon)
  • Redeem your CBN balance in many different ways - with new CryptoCurrencies being added all the time!
  • Send Bitcoin to your CBN balance from Coinbase or ANY bitcoin wallet (fees associated)

Your CBN balance is linked across all of our apps and our Online portal - allowing you to instantly use your balance across all games and features.

We hope you'll enjoy the new version of ClaimBitcoinNetwork as much as we enjoy running it for you. As always, follow us on twitter (@CBitcoinNetwork) for the latest news and #CrazyTime information, and if you have any issues, please feel free to contact the team @

Best wishes and good luck,

CEO ClaimBitcoinNetwork