No Fee's for Direct Wallet Payments

We heard you complaining about our fee's, so we have been working hard to reduce them...

How to Earn More with Claim Bitcoin Network

Here at ClaimBitcoinNetwork, we aim to help everyone earn their own slice of Bitcoin. We know it's hard and can be very expensive to get started with Bitcoin, so we hope CBN has made it easier to get going in this dizzying world of the most popular cryptocurrency around. We've put together some tips and tricks to help you earn with our Applications, as well as some information about other earning opportunities.

Happy Friendship Day

Its friendship day - and we want to give all of our FRIENDS a little present - so we are having an extra LONG crazy hours today!

Payment Day - 4 August 2017 Live Updates

Want to get the latest news about the claim you made for payment? Here is the latest live updates from the team!