How to Earn More with Claim Bitcoin Network

Here at ClaimBitcoinNetwork (CBN), we aim to help everyone earn their own slice of Bitcoin. We know it's hard and can be very expensive to get started with Bitcoin, so we hope CBN has made it easier to get going in this dizzying world of the most popular cryptocurrency around. We've put together some tips and tricks to help you earn with our Applications, as well as some information about other earning opportunities.

Obviously, our number one tip is to all of our applications at the same time! We have three applications (links here) and when used with the same CBN Account Login - your accounts over the two apps are linked - meaning you are essentially tripling your earnings!

REMEMBER - Don't use different accounts for any of the applications on your one device, you might trigger our fraud detection system!

Our second tip - and this is an important one - is to make sure you get the HEART ICON. We give our heart icon users better prizes (up to 3 times as much) and they can play in the CRAZY TIME where the prizes can be up to 1,000 Satoshi every 15 minutes. A few weeks ago we had a 4 hour Crazy Hour - a lot of our users earned 7k in a few hours! Read how to get the heart icon by following this link - HEART ICON.

Our third tip is to use the Offer system we have on the applications. We have users earning 30k A DAY doing surveys, and downloading applications at the moment. We know some offers have problems, and we know we can't really help when they go wrong - but sometimes they are worth spending two minutes on - because they give so much Satoshi! We'll be making the offer section better in coming weeks by adding quality partners, but for the time being, the few we have are worth visiting every day!

Our final tip is a really simple one. DON'T CHEAT. A lot of users think they can get earn even more by automating their plays, or by creating lots of accounts on their devices. Trust me when I say - we have seen it all before! If you want a laugh - look at our Google Play Store reviews on a Friday - they are usually filled with users who have been found cheating, and have had their accounts banned! Just play fair - and we'll make sure we pay you out on time.

The three, simple rules we have are:

  • Do not use multiple Google accounts to access our apps on your device.
  • Do not skip or fail too many captchas. We allow some mistakes, but too many, and you'll make your account look like its being accesssed by a BOT!
  • Do not block adverts. We need to make money to buy bitcoin and pay our users out. Blocking adverts means we cannot afford to run the app!

Simple aren't they!

If you're really serious about earning some extra Satoshi - there are numerous other ways to earn a little bit more:

  • Visit faucets online (we are looking at bringing out an application soon to make this easier - watch this space!)
  • Get referrals for the app - you can find your code on the Account > Referral page. Get your friends and family to join, and earn a bit more each week!
  • Invest your Satoshi by using popular investment tools like WeLendBitcoin
  • Gamble your savings away with dice games like PrimeDice chasing the big jackpot!

Remember, we are here to help you earn Bitcoin, but we can only pay out what we can afford. We put 95% of all our profits from advertising and the offers we run back into the prize pool - meaning the more that we make - the more you make. I hope this guide helps - and if you want to learn more, feel free to ask us questions via the support in app.