XAPO - Payments are now Processing

It looks like our prayers were answered at the last minute by the XAPO team, who have just fixed the XAPO Payments API - meaning we can payout all of our users who have a XAPO payment stuck in PROCESSING - rather than refund and have everyone wait to payout via the Direct Wallet Method.

Payments are now scheduled to leave our systems in around 40 minutes, and will process through the night here. We expect all payments to be completed by 6am BST. We'll keep below as a LIVE UPDATE as to how the payment process is progressing, but please be aware we have NO support staff available at this time to help.

8:35am Payments have now finished!
8:10am Payments are being made now - and with XAPO having instant payouts we expect all users to be paid out by 9am BST (in about 50 minutes). The payments will appear to be coming out of JP's account, but with the CFB logo! Will place a bug report to XAPO later today!
8:00am Account is ready for payments to leave the system. We'll update with any issues we face here.
10:40pm We've been told by the Coinbase support it might be a couple more hours before the transaction has left them, so we are wrapping up for the night. We'll be back nice and early to process everyones XAPO payments tomorrow! We have no overnight support tonight, so please be patient with support requests!
10:00pm Topping up our XAPO funds from our hot wallet is taking longer than expected - seems like Coinbase is having problems with outgoing transactions - Coinbase Status. Will keep waiting...
9:20pm Running our usual Friday payment system for XAPO - this means our systems need to run through each account and claim to check for problems. This usually takes about an hour - but JP will stay online to make sure payments are sent starting tonight (its 9:30 at night in the UK!)
9:10pm Cancelled refund process that was due to take place to put XAPO claims back in users accounts. We'll now process all payments over the next 12 - 18 hours for XAPO users directly into accounts.
9:00pm XAPO have informed our CEO that payments can now be made over the PAYMENTS api. We have tried, and they are right.