Festive Crazy Times

🎄 Happy Holidays from CBN! 🎄

As the holiday season is upon us, we want to make everyones festive period the best it can be - so we are going to be running LOTS of Crazy Times over the next week!

What sort of Crazy Times are we going to run? Here are a few of the types we are going to do:

  • Quick - 15 minute slots with the prizes going as high as 1,000 Satohis!
  • Longer slots where we'll run the Crazy Time until we run out of Bitcoin!
  • Special, Jackpot only crazy times where we'll give away as many 10,000 Satoshi jackpots as we can do!
  • Super rare and super special crazy times where we'll lower the claim time from 15 minutes to 5 minutes - with special prizes as well!

As usual - we do not know when these Crazy Times will be - to keep it fair, the system randomly picks the times for these. The best place to keep up to date about crazy hours is on our Twitter Account - which you can follow here:

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