Ask CBN Series - 15 September

Every Friday we'll be answering the top questions posted by our users to us. We had around 1,200 questions asked in just 36 hours - here are the top few answered by the head of CBN - Jake Price!

Aniruddha Mahajan Asked:
How much payout did you do during yesterday's (Wednesdays) crazy hour?

This CRAZY HOUR was a bit special for us! It was a celebration of 7 months of CBN being online, and as the price of Bitcoin went down we were able to run the CRAZY HOUR for 5 hours! In total, I am not sure how much we gave away, but we had 90,000 users playing - so probably somewhere around 3-4 BTC's worth!

Rona shah Asked:
There has been a sudden drop in crypto currencies, including Bitcoin, But claim amount has still been in the same range(50-60), what are the factors which decide the claim amount.?

Our system self-regulates the prizes based on lots of variables. Some of the important ones are:

  • The current price of Bitcoin
  • Our daily revenue
  • Our daily server costs
The system does this re-calculation twice a day (6am and 6pm UK Time) so thats when the prizes are more likely to change! Remember, you need the HEART ICON to see the biggest prizes!

Marcos Ferreira Asked:
Do you think São Paulo Fc, three-time world champion team, will fall for the second division of the Brazilian championship?

Never! I am more of Botafogo supporter in the Brazilian league (Liverpool fan in the UK), but I still love SP. They've struggled the start of this year, but the next half of the league will see them rise up from 2nd bottom, and I think they'll finish around 10th this year.

Sandy Asked:
Earlier you were planning about PayPal payment, what's your team update about this?

Thats right! We are still testing with a small set of BETA testers at the moment, but we are having problems with PayPal. They do not like the fact we are buying Bitcoin with our funds, and are threatening to cancel our accounts. As soon as we have more information, we'll post a blog post on this.

Our question of the week is this one - Samreen asked (earning themself 10,000 Satoshi):
Are you planning to offer any wallet system??? After earning paying as a transaction fee is terrible.

That is a very good question. We have been looking into offering a Wallet Application for users, but we need to work out a lot of problems such as fee's etc first before we can really do anything. We would love to create an application with these features:

  • Free transactions in and out of the wallet
  • Buy and sell bitcoin from our internal systems
  • Gamble your Bitcoin with dice games and a daily lottery (that is how we would monitize the app)

Is this something you would use? Use the comments to tell you if you want to see a CBN wallet, and if you would use it!