Ask CBN Series - 29 September

Every Friday we'll be answering the top questions posted by our users to us. We had around 350 questions asked in less than a week - here are the top few answered by the head of CBN - Jake Price!

Andrew Agtarap Asked:
How secure is your wallet? Does it mean it has its own exchanger too?

We are using Coinbase for creation and management of wallets for the time being for the BETA, as they can guarentee the Bitcoin is secure (we have a contract with them) and it enables us to move into Ether and Litecoin quickly if needed. If we think the system needs to be fully managed by us, we'll look into this. Our BETA will not have an exchange per se, as you will not be able to purchase with fiat currency.

Wim Willems Asked:
Will there be more apps/games in the future from CBN?

Yes! We are working on two new earning applications along with our Wallet application at the moment. We hope to have at least 1 new earning app out by the middle of October!

Boom Likes Asked:
It's been three weeks ago, but i dont see any information about why badges that have been removed, may you share for us?

We posted a bit about this in a previous update (System and App Update on the 11 September) but we'll talk about this a bit more. We found, after reaching out to users, that they really didn't care about Badges. They were interested in earning the extra Satoshi, but not about collecting the badges themselves - so we took the decision to remove them, and place the extra money saved back into the CRAZY HOUR fund. This has led to more crazy hours during the week now, and when we asked our previous users again - they were happy!

Piotr Asked:
Czy praca z BITCOIN jest opłacalna? (Is BITCOIN profitable?)

YES! Bitcoin itself is very profitiable if you keep a hold of it and sell it when the price rises, and its very profitable if you use it to gamble and invest!

Our question of the week is this one - Sandeep Tiwari asked (earning themself 10,000 Satoshi):
What is the highest amount of satoshi that a single user has claimed using your both apps this week that we can also try to acheive it

Great question! Looking at what we've just paid out - our top user just claimed 517,523 Satoshi- thats $22! It seems they used the OFFER section to do this - along with playing around 700 times this week. Great work!