29 November - App Updates

Today we have updated all 3 of our apps - the new version numbers are the following:

New Claim Free Bitcoin Logo?

We have been fed up with the amount of people confusing us with other applications - and other applications copying our logo, that we have decided to rebrand the CFB app with a new logo!

Eagle eyed people will notice the logo is the same colour - but without the shadowing, and with our CBN logo on it instead! We love it - we hope you do to!

Crazy Time?

We have changed the name of our flagship jackpot game! Becuase we have been holding CRAZY HOURS at different lengths of time recently - we had one yesterday that lasted 32 minutes, and another on Sunday that lasted 2 hours - we have changed its name to CRAZY TIME. We hope this will help those people who complain when the CRAZY HOUR didn't last exactly an hour ☺️

Game Changes

We have tweaked the timer on Claim Free Bitcoin and Wheel of Satoshi to now show you the exact length of time until you can play again. This feature has been on Satoshi Slots for a while, but we've finally bought it over to the other games. We've also added the background we have on the Slot game to the other games πŸ‘

What else is new?

  • We have added an Address Type to the claim page - so you can see at a glance what type of wallet you should enter!
  • We have also changed the wording on the wallet page to help as well
  • We have changed the layout of the referral page
  • We have removed the fee's from the app - there will be no more fee's for any claims!

I want the update now!

Its been sent to Google Play Store now, and will be available worldwide within 24 hours. There is no need to check for updates if your device is set to auto-update - it'll automatically update when its in your countries Play Store!

Please note, you will be forced to update your applications on Saturday 2nd December if you haven't done it before.