DDOS Attack - Live News

We are aware of a DDOS attack currently hitting our servers at the moment. We are working very hard on getting everything back up ASAP. Below are live updates from the team

LIVE UPDATES - Completed
9:10pm Now the servers have been adjusted, we are closing our live update thread! Its a late one for our engineering team, so we'll be back online a bit later tomorrow!
8:30pm Letting everyone back online now - our server team are happy with the new servers!
8:10pm Letting the first users back onto the platform - might still take some time until we are 100% ready for all users!
7:31pm Still working to mitigate the DDOS - but it keeps getting stronger. We'll give more info when we get it from our engineering team
5:31pm Migrating to extra servers to help - this process will take around an hour / 2 hours
5:31pm Engineers have been paged - this attack is still very strong at over 30GBPS
5:25pm We have been forced to log out all current users - we have placed a message on the app telling them to read this page!
5:15pm Our data center is now helping
5:00pm We have been under a DDOS attack for most of the day, but our server team have notified us that its got a lot worse at around 5pm this evening. We are working to mitigate the effects to all logged in users