🙌 New Support System

One thing we have not really worked enough on is how we deal with support requests. Currently, we are dealing with emails directly from users - but doing so has proved problematic:

  • Sometimes we never receive anything!
  • Quite a lot of requests hit our SPAM folders
  • Users have no idea what status their emails are in
  • We don't have a history of tickets from users

We have tried several helpdesk systems in the past few weeks, but its led us to come to the decision - we deal with support so differently from other teams - so lets build our own custom solution!

Today see's the first version of our support system on the Wheel of Satoshi application. All you need to do is navigate to the Support section, and if you need support - click the Create a Support Ticket button! We'll get pinged you ticket and any attachments - so we can get to dealing with your issues right away.

Please let us know what you think about our new system - we hope to implement it across the ClaimFreeBitcoin application in the next week or so.