CBN VIP Portal

Today, we are proud to release our new system to our incredible users. This system has been in the making for a few months now, and will completely take over the old user login system on this URL. The new CBN VIP Portal is your access to:

  • Manage your referrals
  • Buy high performing referrals
  • Advertise on CBN directly
  • Transfer Bitcoin from your Coinbase account
  • Transfer Bitcoin from your CBN account
  • Gamble your Bitcoin on our HiLo game
  • Transfer all earnings directly from the CBN VIP portal back to your CBN account for fee-free Bitcoin transfers
  • Speak directly to the CBN support team via live chat

This system is still in BETA mode - so you can expect these great features in the next few weeks:

  • Automate your referral system by auto removing poor referrals
  • Get referrals by giving a link, rather than relying on codes
  • Become an advert publisher on the new CBN advertising network *
  • Mine Satoshi directly with us by investing with us
  • Our brand new CBN Lottery system
  • The new CBN Forum - chat to other members about the best ways to earn Bitcoin! *

* Still in planning mode - so might be more than a couple of weeks away

We have been testing the system for the past 2 weeks, and we think we have found most of the bugs and have made sure the system is ready for the thousands of users who want to take their CBN earnings seriously. To get started, click the link below - and like everything we do, let us know if you are happy or not.

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