We have an issue today that is affecting our servers. Live information about this situation will be placed on this page.

We do not have an ETA for when we'll be back online.

Live Updates

We are testing the server before we go live - we should still be good to be back online in 30 minutes


We expect to be back up and online at around 1pm GMT


Any pending payouts will NOT be affected - they were backed up 3 minutes before the server went down.


We have the off-site backup in our hands now - so we are pushing that back up. This process is expected to take 3 hours.


Database server is corrupted - attempting to recover live data, otherwise backups will be used. Latest live backup is last Friday, but off-site backups were taken yesterday.


Servers are taken down to fix a broken and unresponsive app node server. Datbase starts reporting issues and when probed goes down. Server team investigates