New Crazy Hours Explained

Crazy hours are our jackpot games, allowing our players with the HEART ICON to get some crazy winnings during the periods they are on. During an usual Crazy Hour, users can usually expect:

  • Prizes upto 1,000 Satoshi every time they play
  • Jackpots upto 10,000 Satoshi

As you can expect, this makes them WILDLY popular! Its not uncommon to have 50,000 users trying to play, and we usually give away about 1 - 3 BTC every time we run one (thats about 300,000,000 Satoshi!)

Previously, we would communicate when a CRAZY HOUR would start - sometimes asking our users what type of prize structure they want, and we would put a poll up. Because of the numbers of users would be so high, we could only run 1 crazy hour a week at most. This annoyed us (and obviously annoyed our users!) so we have been trialling a new method of doing our CRAZY HOURS for the past two weeks.

The new method of running our CRAZY HOURS is now completely random. The system will pick 1 hour a day, everyday of the week for the crazy hours to run instead now. This change has meant users who usually don't get to play in CRAZY HOURS due to timezone differences have now had the chance to play - and we have found users are even earning more with this method. The user who earnt the most last week managed to earn 78k Satoshi in just ONE WEEK.

Please remember, you can only play in the CRAZY HOURS if you have the HEART ICON. You can read how to get the heart icon if you follow this link.

I hope you understand why we've changed the way this works, and everyone here at CBN wishes you good luck with your Bitcoin earning!

UPDATE: Since a lot of our users are asking us about having notifications when CRAZY HOUR begins - we'll look into doing that!