Create a Badge - Voting

We've had over 1,000 different ideas for a new badge - and its taken 3 hours to go through them all, and decide on 4 badges that would work with our system. Below are the 4 chosen ones! They are:

Small Change - Get the lowest available prize in a game 3 times
Transcriber - Answering correctly 100 captchas
Lucky - Get the highest available prize in a game 3 times
Satoshi Millionaire - Accumulated 1,000,000 (1 Million) Satoshi!!

The winning badge will be coded, artwork will be created, and it will be LIVE on our system on Monday, and the user who submitted the badge will be 50,000 Satoshi better off! Voting will remain open until Saturday 15 July 9 am GMT and we'll announce the winner with a blog post shortly after that.

Good luck to the users who submitted - and get voting!

Voting has ended! We'll release the winning badge later!