This morning - whilst repairing an app server - our database server had a serious error, which caused a massive situation. Our team instantly got to work trying to find the problem and fix it. We can now confirm our backup solution failed - and corrupted a massive portion of our data.

The CBN team has been working tirelessly for the last 4 hours to fix the issue, and we can confirm that all important information has been preserved. Important information is the following:

  • Pending Payouts
  • Users Balances
  • Login data
  • Transaction data

We managed to get this data from our "hot backup" we take every hour - which is a snapshot of our important data. Luckily this ran 3 minutes before the corruption occured. This does mean however, some data has been lost. Data such as the following has been reverted to our last backup which was taken yesterday afternoon:

  • Support tickets
  • User notes

As a company who's main product is an application, we plan for this situation - and we run test situations every few months to make sure our backup solutions are working. We work very hard to make sure our users are well looked after - and I am happy to report that in this situation no major data was lost.

If you have any questions, feel free to send a support ticket through to the team. Please note, we are SUPER busy at the moment so you might not hear back for upto 24 hours.