CBN Introduces - Satoshi Slots

We are delighted to finally introduce our new Application - the Satoshi Slots!

We have been working hard the last few months on making our system the highest paying and most reliable service about, and we realised - we've not released a new game for our users in a while. So after a few weeks of planning - here is our third application called Satoshi Slots!

Playing is simple:

  • Spin the slots!
  • When the slots stop - decide if you want to keep the number, or respin to try for a higher number! Be wary though, you've only got 3 chances to spin!
  • When you are ready - or when you have no spins left - click CLAIM to claim your satoshi!

We hope you like our newest application - and remember, use all three applications with your CBN account AT THE SAME TIME to really earn super quick! Also remember, users with the Heart Icon (read how to get it here) always get the best prizes!

Let us know in the comments what sort of game or app you want to see from us next!

Download Satoshi Slots Here!