Today we are delighted to finally announce version 3 of the Claim Bitcoin Network. Version 3 brings the whole network up together with a revolutionary new system - and some other great features.

You might ask yourself why we needed to update the systems - and the answer is very easy. We want to make sure we are here for the long term - so we need to make sure we are going to fit in with Googles new Terms and Conditions for applications that are due to be introduced in early June 2018. We are lucky to be one of the first applications that have access to this set of new rules due to our very open relationship with Google - and we have been working with them directly on a few points.

We are also working with Google on our two other applications - Wheel of Satoshi and Satoshi Slots and will have more information early next week about when we'll be turning them back on!

The main new features are:

🤓 A completely rewritten - from the ground up - app system.

This time, we have focused on speed for our end users which means it will be snappier and quicker to use. During busy times - like our famous CRAZY TIMES - our systems will auto-scale, meaning you’ll get the great response times around the clock.

🤑 We have created our own payment system

Finally we are not relying on third party systems to run our payouts. This gives us some massive benefits:

  • We can change the minimum claim amounts if the cost of sending transactions change. Expect a 40k minimum Direct Wallet claim in the next few weeks 😉
  • We can validate all addresses before we send the payments - so no more “your payment is lost” messages - we’ll notify you via email if you need to change your address before we send

❤️ Our new HEART GAME!

Instead of guessing what it takes to get the HEART ICON, we give you the chance to win it every 10 minutes. Simply spin our wheel and land on WIN to win the HEART ICON for 4 plays.

You can increase your chance of winning the HEART ICON - but we can’t tell you how! 😜

Remember, you get 4 free HEART ICON spins a day, which are added at 12am GMT!

🔍 Rewritten fraud engine

We have worked with our fraud partners who supply us with the data to finely tune the fraud reports and emails we send out if we suspect you have broken our terms.

👱 New User Onboarding

Our new user onboarding has sucked from the very beginning - so we have re-coded it and made it look fancy and easier for users to input a referral code.

💎 Referral and VIP system (Coming very, very soon)

We’ve moved the referral system into our integrated VIP section. Now it is just 1 click from the menu to get to our VIP website, where you will find our new Referral section. Instead of just a code to give out, we’ll allow you to create LINKS and CAMPAIGNS.

We are also looking to increase referrals upto 9,999 per user as well. More on this very soon!

To get access to the new app - wait until the PLAY STORE updates your app for you, or click below to download the app RIGHT NOW! Please note, if using the link below, you’ll need to make sure you uninstall the old app first!

Download NOW!