Payment Day - 4 August 2017 Live Updates

Its FRIDAY - so that means we are paying everyone out who claimed for payment this week!

Below is a live feed of what happens when we process payments - so if you want the most upto date information - check out below!

If you are trying to claim your balance today - We'll turn on CLAIMS again tomorrow - until then, you cannot claim! You missed the cut-off (which was midnight GMT) for getting your Bitcoin today!

6:40am That concludes our live updates on our payments. If you claimed but do not have your Bitcoin - please check with your wallet provider.
6:30am Payments have 74 Confirmations already - so should be in your wallets!
8:20pm Payments have been broadcast to the blockchain. TX ID's are: 39f528d29440e3755474f835e4e4ad2c6367b168f8b232e3e414cf690bc8545d and 2c0ff69bcc5d59490ac3b408116c96f88fe3f9f2b90a87ded76b11d54dda2779
1:14pm Still waiting for Payment Processer to pass transactions to Blockchain. We expect payment to be broadcast within a few hours.
9:28am All Payments sent to payment provider. Payment Provider will pay users in around 2 - 3 hours time! We'll update when we have a transaction ID.
9:20am Starting sending all payments to our payment provider. Payments now marked as PROCESSED.
9:00am Ban emails have been sent out
8:05am Accounts have been marked, and we are manually going over each banned account to make sure the data is correct!
7:30am We have got all of our fraud data from our third party systems, and the our system is working through each claim. This process usually takes 30 minutes! All Payments that are due to paid today have been marked as PROCESSING