Ask CBN Series - 6 October

This is the final installment of the Ask CBN Anything for a few weeks! Here is head of CBN Jake Price with some more answers to your questions

Wim Willems Asked:
Im trying to play every 15min and sometimes happy hour pops up but also dissapears after one spin? Is this normal? You should expect to be at least one hour.. always looking forward to happy hour 😊

Firstly, its called CRAZY HOUR! Every single time we get some spare Bitcoin - from the users we ban due to Terms breaking, or from a good revenue day - we put it into our Crazy Hour pot. Once this pot gets to a nice big number, we do a crazy hour. The crazy hour will run for upto an hour - or until all of our "Spare Bitcoin" runs out! This can mean it only runs for 15 minutes if we have a lot of jackpots or lots and lots of people playing!

Bhushan mhatre Asked:
Have anyone claim jackpot in crazy hour and what was the jackpot satoshi amount claim by user?

All the time! We usually give out 2 or 3 jackpots per Crazy Hour. The current Jackpot is 10,000 Satoshi.

Darren Asked:
I saw primedice on your ads, an I am playing through it for a month now. Just curious, how many BTC did you made on playing? Are you guys still playing PD?

All the time! If you use our Referal Link you'll get better amounts from the PD faucet as well! We love using a Martingale strategy (Everytime you lose, triple your bet until your back in profit!) and we find we win big 3 times out of 5. Should we write a blog post on how to do this?

Albert Asked:
How to earn more btc ?

Check out our guide here:

Our question of the week is this one - Bryan Fendy asked (earning themself 10,000 Satoshi):
Any more information on the wallet app? I'm fed up with XAPO always taking my coin

Yes! We are going to release a BETA version next week (fingers crossed!) If you want to get BETA access, please make sure you keep an eye on this website, as we'll only have an extra 100 accounts up for grabs! The BETA app will feature:

  • Zero Fee's for incoming transactions
  • Send Bitcoin to other CBN Wallet's free of charge
  • Send Bitcoin to other Bitcoin addresses by setting your own fee
  • Sell Bitcoin via PayPal (minimum amount is currently 150,000 satoshi - fee is currently 25%)

Keep an eye out for a whole host of blog posts about this new app next week!