CBN and our view on the Hard Fork

There is a lot of discussion about what will happen on the 31st of July - the date of the "Bitcoin Lock In". Will there be a Hard Fork? If so, what network would we part of?

First, we have to understand why this is happening.

The Bitcoin Blockchain - which is a digital ledger of all transactions made - can only process up to 6 transactions a minute at the moment. When a transaction is sent to the Blockchain, Bitcoin Miners will work on that transaction to make sure it's valid, before they include it in a block. The order they process transactions in, all depends on the fee a transaction gives - the higher the fee, the earlier a transaction will process. At any time, there are close to 5,000 transactions pending to be confirmed onto a block. This has made Bitcoin slow and expensive.

There are two solutions proposed - one that favors the users of Bitcoin, the other that favors the Miners, who confirm all the transactions. This is where the Hard Fork has come from.

Luckily, on July 22nd, the majority of Bitcoin miners voted for BIP 91. BIP 91 is essentially a compromise between a lot of the solutions offered - and negates the need for a Hard Fork - meaning Bitcoin, as we know it, is safe in the short term.

What does this mean for you? If I was you - I wouldn't worry about it. Your CBN balance is safe, as it is off the Blockchain - so you do not need to worry about that, and you Bitcoin should be safe with whatever wallet you use online!