The Bitcoin Wheel

We are delighted to announce our new application has been released - The Bitcoin Wheel!

Play our Wheel game - allowing you to spin 3 times, make sure you take the higest amount on offer! Also, make sure you win the HEART ICON to boost your prizes!

Make sure you get all of our applications to double your earnings!

The link to the store is below!

As many of you have been aware, we took down two applications on the advice of Google and our Legal team after we had correspondance from another Legal entity that we were using a copyrighted term in the names of our Applications - the word SATOSHI. Becuase of this, and due to the new updates we were planning on - we have decided to retire our old Wheel of Satoshi application, and introduce a new and improved application in its place - The Wheel of Bitcoin!

Referrals that you had from the Wheel of Satoshi have been moved across to this application.

We are still working on a resolution to our Satoshi Slots game, and will have an update by the end of the week.

Download The Wheel Now!