Wheel of Satoshi - Crazy Hour 19-07

We are running our first every CRAZY HOUR on the Wheel of Satoshi application today - and you get to vote what sort of prizes are going to be available to be won! Remember - you need to have the HEART ICON to participate for the BIG prizes, and Jackpots. To find out how to get the HEART ICON - check this link out: HEART ICON

The CRAZY HOUR will be ran between 14:00 GMT and 15:00 GMT! To see what timezone this is for you, please use this page: 14:00 GMT

To vote for the prizes, complete the poll below - we'll let you know the results at around 10 minutes before the CRAZY HOUR begins!

EDIT: The Poll is now closed - the winning option was:

400 to 600 Satoshi each time you play!