No Fee's for Direct Wallet Payments

We are delighted to announce today that our new system for providing payments to our users was a massive success yesterday. Because of this, we are providing all claims that use the Direct Wallet Payout method with no fees going forward.

Up until yesterday, we charged 2,000 satoshi for each claim. This goes towards the Bitcoin Network fee we have to pay to get the Bitcoin from us to you. Our payment provider also took upto 10% of the claim as well. We've been getting complaints from our users that this was too much - and we agreed. So we set about doing something about it!

We have now built a payment system in-house that will allow us to control all payments. This means no more waiting 72 / 96 hours for your Bitcoin - it should take 48 hours at the most, and if your wallet allows 0 confirmations, you should get your Bitcoin by 10am GMT on Fridays.

We hope you like this change - and we'll be annoucing some new awesome stuff (including VIP memberships, claim with PayPal etc) in the next few weeks!