Direct Wallet Payments - News

We have today taken the decision to raise the minimum claim amount on the DIRECT WALLET method of payments to 100,000 Satoshi.

This decision wasn't easy to take as we love having an option for users to get their earned Satoshi to any wallet they like, and we know this might push this option away from some users. We are truely sorry, but we do have a very substantial reason for this:

Currently, transaction fee's for making a direct Bitcoin transaction to the blockchain are VERY, VERY HIGH. To put this into numbers for you, if we send £1,000 to our users, we'll pay a transaction fee of around £250 - thats 1/4 of the total price. Because we absord all fee's for you, this means we have to pay a lot of money! We cannot afford to keep on doing this.

We are keeping all of our other methods of payments the same for now, and we are looking into adding more methods of payment to our system. For systems like, Coinbase and XAPO we pay a smaller transaction fees, which we can afford.

We are sorry for the inconvience - and we are monitoring the situation with the fee's closely. When they become cheaper, we'll reduce the minimum again.

UPDATE - 30 December: We are working with a payment provider who might be able to help with reducing the minimum price again. We'll keep you notified on our Twitter account - @CBitcoinNetwork