Ask CBN Series - 8 September

Every Friday we'll be answering the top questions posted by our users to us. We had around 2,000 questions asked in just 18 hours - here are the top few answered by the head of CBN - Jake Price!

Dana Asked:
Taking into account the recent rise of Ethereum, do you plan on developing an app for ether as well?

Ethereum has been a slow burner for a long time, but when Coinbase picked it as an option, it really exploded - making it a great Cryptocurrency to be part of. We would love to develop an application for it - and we are talking to our advertisers now to see if they will help us do this. We hope to have more news about this in the next few weeks!

Daniel Asked:
I haven't seen Crazy Hour for quite awhile, but I figure its still being done. My question is will crazy hour still be offered no matter how high Bitcoin goes?

We've had to stop doing Crazy Hours every day and now run them every 2/3 days - we've also reduced the prizes to up to 500 Satoshi every time you play during a Crazy Hour. Sometimes (like the Crazy Hour we ran yesterday) we have a small window when the prizes are up to 1,000 Satoshi - but we will always pay out what we can afford to.
We'll always run Crazy Hours - it doesn't matter how high the price of Bitcoin is - but we'll only give away what we can afford to!

Riju Mahajan asked:
When will 1 Bitcoin reach 5000 USD??

It has been so close for the last few weeks (the maximum reached was $4,950 last week) so I do not think it'll be long before we get to that amount! I think it'll be this month sometime!

Brenden Dixe asked:
As of September 8, 2017 how many BTC have you paid out?

As of just now (we've just finished paying out all the claims for this week!) we have paid out a total of 3,559,552,391 Satoshi to our users.

Talor asked:
When did you first get started into Bitcoin, and have you earned a full coin yet? Do you use any mining rigs or software??

I first started back in 2012 - I mined my first Bitcoin on an old laptop during work - along with some of my old colleagues! Back then it cost £5 per Bitcoin (now it's almost £4,000 per Bitcoin) so I had quite a few of them! Nowadays I don't mine any Bitcoin - hardware or software - as it just costs too much money. I do a lot of trading between Ether, Litecoin and Bitcoin - and I like gambling on Stake and Primedice as well.

Our question of the week is this one - Steven asked (earning himself 10,000 Satoshi):
What should I do with my Satoshis I have earned - cash them out, or keep them?

If I were in your shoes - keep them. In just 6 months the price of Bitcoin has risen 188%. I don't think it'll keep rising at the same rate once we hit $5,000 per BTC - so I would cash out a small amount around then.

You might think that you are earning small amounts by playing our games - but if you have been with us from the start (back in February), a 20,000 claim would now be worth 376,000 ($20). So keeping hold of your Bitcoins earned might be a great shout!

Thanks for your questions - we'll open up the chance to ask your question next Wednesday!