Ask CBN Series - 22 September

Every Friday we'll be answering the top questions posted by our users to us. We had around 700 questions asked in less than a week - here are the top few answered by the head of CBN - Jake Price!

Maria Cecilia Nim Asked:
What is bitcoin ? I dont have any knowledge about this bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a new form of currency - there are no banks, only a Blockchain. I suggest if you are new to Bitcoin to go through the amazing Bitcoin Webiste to learn more. Once you get started, you'll wonder why you didn't start before!

Minztaz26 Asked:
How to learn get more satoshi and how to earn satoshi very easy any suggestion?

If you would like to earn more with CBN - I would suggest you read this article we posted about earning more with us: Click here.

Alphonso Robinson Asked:
What time does crazy hours normally occur?

We get asked this all the time! We do not publicize our crazy hours. You can read more about why we don't do that here: New Crazy Hours Explained

Heng Tseng How Asked:
Why now can't send satoshi to xapo without charge?

We do not charge transfer fee's for direct wallet transfers! We used to charge 2,000 Satoshi, but we stopped doing that a few weeks ago. Some users are complaing that they are getting a big fee for transfering into XAPO - but that is on there side. Please contact XAPO if this happens to you!

Our question of the week is this one - Ankush asked (earning themself 10,000 Satoshi):
Do you have any news on the new Bitcoin Wallet you are developing?

Work is progressing well! We have worked with an amazing designer who has helped us create a cool looking design, and we have got a BETA app created. You can view a snapshot of the dashboard below:

Features we have working:

  • Transfer into the wallet with ZERO fee's
  • Set what fee you want to use when tranferring out
  • Payout to PayPal

When we have more information we'll post about it!